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Kennitala Iceland - working and living

Kennitala Iceland - working and living

Are you considering moving to Iceland or already decided to go and how to get the kennitala.

Do you know you need an Icelandic tax number, known as a kennitala, if you want to work, rent a place or open a bank account? In this post I give you an easy overview of what you should know and do.

As an Eu-citizen you must fill out the A-271 online. Do realize you need to visit “Registers Islands” a.k.a. Þjóðskrá Íslands within two weeks to confirm your application. You will need a copy of your pasport and a residency in Iceland. Then you choose from several options: employment, starting a business and a few more.

Find the form here:

It is bureaucracy at its best, because to rent an appartement or open a bank account, you need a kennitala… Sort of the chicken and the egg situation going on here. I strongly advice to make sure you have some friends or insiders that can help you out when you arrive.

Please note: this form is for people from the EU that want to spent more than 6 months in Iceland. Once you filled out the form, you have to stop by at the offices of Registers Iceland with you ID and confirm. The address is Borgartún 21.

You can start looking for a job at and learn the language at icelandic online.

Feel free to ask any questions!