Spring is here. So what do you do? 

What you could do:

Get rid of all your stuff (keep some in your car/ some on your boat) and move aboard a beautiful, somewhat tiny yacht in a country where spring can be quite frosty.
Sail out solo for the first time. Of course I was hungover so add a first time for puking overboard. At least it was not seasickness. Use a head lamp for the first time and be glad you have it when you run up the deck at 03:00 in the morning to save the jib from a passing storm. All this in your panties, nobody's watching and there is definitely no time to find your trousers. Waking up on a deserted island with birds and bugs makes it all worth it.  Build a website and do some social media, because it is all too good to be true and I want to share the long journey of becoming a seaworthy sailor. And maybe, just maybe... Next week I will find a new passion. Linearly seen it would have to be a rocketeer.

Keep you posted. 

PS: I have a small bucket of older stories. Not older than last June, it was only then I realized I had to become a skipper. If you would like me to share them, please let me know. Last thing I want, is to bore you with some narcissist adventures. 

Best regards,
Skipper Smit and SY Titaantje

Heating system (beautifully placed in front of sunset)

Heating system (beautifully placed in front of sunset)