After two weeks of hard work in the world of landlubbers, it was time for a trip with Little Titan. I arranged a crew member who would come over for a day, but stayed for three nights. Kind of weird to have a guest in my tiny home who I did not know at all, but it worked out really good.

We decided I would try to do everything solo. It was a nice idea to have someone around in case of shit hitting the van. We started easy after a night of way too much wine and enjoyed a sunny day with little to no wind at a tiny island at The Grevelingen. We cooked, build a camp fire, added a sound track and drank more wine.

The next day there was a lot of wind; squalls of 5/6 beaufort. I sticked to my plan to hoist the main by myself on the foredeck. The helm was unattended but fixed with a line to both port and starboard winches and I left the motor running to keep the bow windwards. It worked! Another goal achieved. It was an exciting trip with few other sailboats on the water. We sailed about 15 nautical miles and landed at the other end of The Grevelingen. It was quite a thrill!

After helping two surfers who got caught on lee shore, we went for the beach, spotted some seals and drank some wine (of course). Next day I woke up with hundreds of jellyfish surrounding the boat. The water was really still and it was such a pleasure to watch them during my morning coffee. Never a dull moment. Nature is a wonder and it is so much fun to be in the middle of it.

Time to go home. After a full day of sailing, it was awesome to arrive at the harbor again and take a hot, freshwater shower after three days of salty air, sand and cold sweat. Doing the dishes with hot water was also a luxury I really learned to appreciate. 

Photo gallery from the trip. Click picture to enlarge.