After spending my college years in Spain, the winters in my home-town Rotterdam got the best of me. Last year I decided I would spent the cold months in a sunnier place. I wanted to go to Chili. And since sustainability and a new way of living have my interest, I would visit some eco-villages that are self-sufficient. Next step was to go there by boat. As it turned out, not that simple...

At the harbor of Lowestoft.

I opted for going across the Atlantic as a crew-member on a sail yacht. I started to make sailing buddies and my first trip was a disaster. No wind and no click with the captain. Being on the water though, felt like coming home; I loved it. And maybe it was a good thing, because I realized I could buy a sailing yacht myself. More investigation followed. I had a limited budget and had to learn a lot about the specifics of ocean sailing. I believe it was meant to be. I met the right people and within two weeks I found the perfect vessel. 

It took a while before the boat was officially mine. The day after the contract was signed, I sailed across the Canal with my favorite sailing buddy: the man who helped me getting my boat. We had a blast. I learned a lot, was not seasick and Titaantje rode the waves easily at 6/7 beaufort.

The only downside of the story is that my plan to be in Chili next winter got swept away by owning a sail yacht. I had to study for my ICC, VHF, do maintenance and learn as much as possible about all the aspects of sailing. But now I do own a sustainable, mobile 'home' and within a few years we will be sailing the oceans. Collecting special encounters, adventures and milage. That is if I do not get ship wrecked. But if so, at least I tried.